Nancy Yeomans

Travel Designer
Pangea Luxury Travel

Once in a Lifetime Experience

When you choose Croatia, you choose diversity of experiences, pristine nature, authentic attractions, rich and varied culinary traditions, and a dedication to the simple life that celebrates freedom.

With 1244 islands, Croatia has the most intricately indented coastline on the Mediterranean, with the right type of beach to suit anyone.

Mild climate makes the Adriatic very pleasant for sailing all year round.With a spectacular coastline extending 5,835 kilometres from Istria to Dubrovnik, with nearly 60 marinas and extraordinary clear waters, the Croatian Adriatic is an ideal place for your sailing adventure.

Hundreds of charming islands and islets with sparse traffic, fascinating beauty and natural phenomenons are a guarantee for a completely different vacation experience on the Mediterranean.

Seeing the country by way of it's waters is extraordinary. With our private yacht, you'll feel like a rockstar pulling into each port. Our custom-designed itinerary will highlight the best, most authentic experiences. We promise you'll be spoiled!